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The Great Aotearoa Puzzle Book

by Barbara Tefler

published by Scholastic NZ

Put your thinking caps on and test your knowledge about all things Aoteaora in this puzzle book for younger readers. This collection of fun and educational puzzles celebrates aspects of New Zealand and Mori culture, as well as te reo Maori, and will keep children amused for hours. It is crammed full of great activities to challenge the younger generation, or for those that are new to our country. The book includes a wide range of puzzles, from cracking codes to word finds, mazes to crosswords, and much more.



GREAT AOTEAROA PUZZLE BOOK TheGreatAotearoaPuzzeBook_ILL-3 TheGreatAotearoaPuzzeBook_ILL-4 TheGreatAotearoaPuzzeBook_ILL-9 TheGreatAotearoaPuzzeBook_ILL-27 TheGreatAotearoaPuzzeBook_ILL-24 TheGreatAotearoaPuzzeBook_ILL-27